Books read in October 2013

minerneFlemming R. P. Rasch: Minerne på Orthomyx (The Mines on Orthomyx).

A collection in Danish of high quality short sf stories with varied themes, some thrilling, some more humorous and quite many with something to say about the human condition, sometimes reminding of Sheckley and Dick. Danish is easy to read for us Swedes.


berattelser-fran-yttre-forortenShaun Tan: Berättelser från yttre förorten (Tales from outer suburbia).

A wonderful collection of linked, illustrated stories apparently intended for children but definitely entertaining and meaningful also for adults. Fantasy where quite ordinary things or events get a new and strange meaning both by the illustrations and by unexpected changes, like a very small exchange student, the limit of the world exactly as on a map, or missiles in the backyard.

the-silver-metal-loverTanith Lee: The Silver Metal Lover.

A brilliant novel about love, conflicts with parents, friendship and betrayal, all set in a future where robots have taken over most of the jobs, and now also can be entertainers and lovers. The language is a pleasure to read and gives a vivid description of the world and the feelings, especially of the young girl who falls in love with a robot.

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